Sensors for Ammonia/Nitrate/Nitrite?

Hi guys!

I am currently workin on a project, where I constantly have to measure nitrate concentrations. Therefore I have the following sensor:
I now want to connect it to my Arduino. The thing is that’s not really going great. I found this:

So it should be possible, but as I am a beginner when it comes to Arduinos and stuff, I am asking you guys for help. How do I hook it up to my Arduino? Do I need a BNC shield? If yes why? Can I also use a ph shield, as you can already buy them preassembled?

I really appreciate your help!


Hey there, and welcome to the community!

Although it sounds like a fun project, this forum is targeted towards the Particle ecosystem, and as such has its differences from ‘regular’ Arduinos. You might find more assistance on the respective Arduino forums than you would here. Regardless, best of luck with your project!

Any update? :smiley:

@leon.tran, this was not a Particle related topic so no update will be forthcoming.

@peekay123, thank you. I mean I like this topic and looking someone who has deployed measure Ammonia in liquid. (I have built a small farm)