Sending more than one value to a server

Hi Spark Community,

I will make my core to read current values of my Solar cell every 30 Seconds, which it sends every 30 Min to the server.
It should only connect to the internet when the upload should begin(sleepmode)

how can i send data to a server ? There will be about 60 values i want to send. Can i send all at ones to the server?(TCPCLient??) How to receive that data at server side ? TCPClient ? I really would appreciate if you guys would have some tipps for me.


HI @dongamelo

You have a lot of great choices to get your data back to your server.

  • You can use a couple of Spark.variable()'s strings
  • You can use Spark.publish() with several events and strings
  • You can do an HTTP POST to your server, essentially submitting a form
  • You could email your results if you have a mail server that does not require TLS/SSL like your ISPs server
  • There are many services online for the Internet of Things that could help you gather and visualize your data

Thx for reply @bko,

Can anyone provide an example on how to making a HTTP POST and how to read out the data on server Side ? I only can find this Thread not mentioning how to get the data on server side.

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