Sending messages to Amazon SQS

Hi everyone,

Has anyone tried writing messages to Amazon Simple Queuing Services (SQS)? Right now I’m just using the Spark.publish call, but I was considering writing to SQS with the TCP client to send data to AWS.


@brettg98, I didn’t use SQS but while searching I got this link, will it help?

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@krvarma, that’s the document I was also looking at. In order to send messages to SQS you need to generate a signature.

You can read about how to generate a signature here:

I’m hung up right now on how to get that to work. Looking through the documentation I don’t see a way to generate the SHA256 signatures.

It sounds like you need a sha256 function, and as far as I know, it’s not built in to the core firmware. Here’s some code you might try to get working. (this looks like a good library as it’s small and has no external dependencies - haven’t ever tried it though)

It sounds like a fun tasks though. If you do or do not get it working, post your results here. I’ll try to get a working sha256 hash function working on the core later when I have some spare cycles if you don’t have any luck.

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Thanks for the tip. Going to give it a whirl tonight and I’ll you know how it goes.

FYI, I just wrote an article on how to use a particle webhook with AWS SNS. I think once in SNS you can configure the end point to send it to the Amazon SQS. It could be an alternative to what you were trying to achieve, if still interested.
The article is here:


Hi Gustavo,
Thank you for putting this example together it looks great. I
followed the steps but my device is not sending the emails to aws
api/sns. I am able to test the aws apigetway and it works, also the
Particle.publish() is working because I see the event and message on the
particle dashboard log, however its not sending the emails to aws sns via aws apigetway.
Any help you can assist me with would be greatly appreciated.

hi @Mkoder, let’s discuss this in the hackster article :slight_smile: thanks!