Sending Data to Cloud Without Computer

Is there a way to send data (numbers) to the cloud (or another website) without having my photon connected to my computer?

That’s the whole point of IoT that you won’t need a computer - the T (hing) in IoT should be connected to the I (nternet) itself.
So not sure what you mean with that question.

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You should start your research here:

Or here:

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Hey ScruffR. Whenever I publish data through particle.publish, it successfully publishes data on this server (which I believe the particle console made specifically for my account)<redacted>
It works successfully at getting the data when my photon is connected to my computer but, when I disconnect it and plug it into another power source, the photon does not send data. Is there a way to make sure the photon does send data to at least some website/server without being connected to my computer?

The Photon is a stand-alone WiFi device.

When you plug it into “another” power source, does the LED light slowly blink Cyan ?
Here’s a link to the Device Modes:

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If the power source is adequate (2A @ 5V clean DC) it’s probably due to your code blocking e.g. waiting for a USB Serial connection.

Seeing your code might help.

BTW, I redacted your access token since that should be kept confidential.


Yes it works all fine. Just when I connect to anything but my computer using the particle.publish, it does not send data to the access token. don’t know why.