Self host - state of publicly available cloud service code


I am interested in hosting my own cloud for personal use but see that the last commit to was over a year ago.

Is the publicly available cloud server code no longer being actively updated ?

Is it possible to host my own cloud service and keep its features reasonably in sync with what Particle currently provides with its service ?

Thanks for any info.


It’s indeed been a while since it’s been last updated, unfortunately. Seeing as other projects had/have higher priority (Electron, dashboard, etc) the open source cloud got backlogged.
Seeing as it’s open source though, the community is free to edit it in any way and pull request for features are always highly welcome.
As far as feature parity goes, not quite sure where it stands, but I’m pretty sure the ‘real’ cloud is a bit more advanced. Last I heard was that functions/variables/publishes were working, but subscribing, unfortunately, was not. That could’ve been added in the mean time, but I haven’t really played around with it much since. There’s also not the convenience of the dashboard/console and/or the web IDE if those are things you’re interested in.
But, as mentioned, it’s open source, so feel free to play around with it and add features as you see fit.

What motivates you into wanting to set up a cloud of your own?

Ok, thanks.

I just want to know what my options are, should I develop a successful application using this stack.


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Why don’t you go for the prematured hosting service providers. As, the likes of Amazon AWS web hosting, Microsoft Azure, etc. These hosts have build quite a reputation for themselves. They offer a great zeal of service and are highly secured and scalable to carry very large amount of sensitive data. Although, the only problem that arise is the management of server as it requires a very high level of expertise.
Even the big companies hires a full time sys-admin department just to manage their cloud server. However, this problem can be countered with the help of the managed verient of hosting. As, the companies like cloudways provides the hassle-free experience of managing the Amazon AWS web hosting server by keeping all the of server management to themselves.