See your data

Guess What, Particle Community?! You can now SEE our data! (See your return data points on our

Watch it work here.

That’s right, we’ve integrated our data into the ThingSpeak API and the Librato API so you can watch in real time the result of your data on pretty graphs (they’re even colorful).

  • The Setup - Just register at and click on the Data Visualization link to the left. You should see your app there (if not create an app by visiting the Applications link to the left), click on this. Inside, you’ll see what could possibly be the most powerful “+” button known to man. Clicking on this allows you to add either your ThingSpeak or Librato credentials to a specfic endpoint. And you’re all set.
  • ThingSpeak - Remember that when you name your fields in ThingSpeak they MUST match (case insensitive) the names of the keys in our return (nested keys are always dot notated ie.
  • Librato - No setup here. Just watch the metrics start showing up!