Secure SSL send email

Can the new Proton send SSL email?

no. like the spark core it can’t handle TLS itself

The Core can’t, but I keep seeing specs on the Broadcom BCM43362 wifi chip on the Photon that mention support for SSL3/TLS/HTTPS. I’m not sure about email though.

And we still have to see if the initial release of the Photon will give us access to the SSL features in the libraries. (does anybody with early access know about that?)

Addendum: If there’s general TLS support, it might be possible for somebody to write a secure SMTP library, even if it’s not there out-of-the-box?

TLS support isn’t in the initial release, but is a planned feature.


now that could be a game changer - as far as i know the only microcontroller than can do TLS on its own without requiring a cloud or local proxy machine (e.g. pi) is the esp8266 and maybe pinoccio.

Is there any update whether Photon could send email directly to gmail server ?
Currently, it can only send through PushingBox, correct ?

I wonder if the guys could help? @michaelT or @jersey99 have made the https possible!

I believe they have TLS working now?

If the BCM43362 chip supports SSL3/TLS/HTTPS, does that mean that SSL can be handled in hardware? Otherwise, the Core can technically do SSL, etc., except for a lack of available memory for a software implementation.

It’s all firmware, even on the Photon/P1. WICED does support TLS but adds a huge 80K to the size of the firmware which doesn’t fit in our firmware stack. We are investigating alternatives that produce a smaller increase in size.

The plan is then to make available a secure socket (E.g. TLSClient class) that makes it possible to securely connect to TLS endpoints.

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See also this thread, which is still ongoing:

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The current working prototype of httpsclient-particle uses TLS v1.2 from MatrixSSL. Have a look and see if you find something useful in there.