Search box of Web IDE

@Dave and @jgoggins,

I’m not sure exactly when this was rolled out or all the while there but i used the CTRL + F often in the Spark IDE.

This morning, I clicked on the coding area and hit CTRL + F and this appeared

It’s pretty cool but not that cool so let me explain why :smiley:

  • There is no next/previous button so it’s like searching for the keyword nearest in the code
  • If you do not hit ENTER in the search field (with or without keywords), the Error code display doesn’t show up

I think is is a recent new feature as i noticed that the error window seems to have the always on top settings as i noticed the scroll bar is behind it compared to the previous time the minimize arrow was introduced.


I think the search box has been there for at least a week or two. I just don’t remember when exactly. :-/

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Hi @kennethlimcp,

Thanks for catching that! I’ll add it to our build IDE bug list. :smile:



So this might help the IDE solve this:

  1. Clicking on verify/save/flash should close the search and return to the error output

  2. Adding a up/down or left/right + counter for the search field

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Is there any ETA on when it’ll be possible to find more than the first match in search?
Currently I have to copy and paste everything into sublime text to search my code! (unless its a hidden keyboard command i’ve missed)

Good question! You can hit “ctrl-g” or “apple-g” for “find next match” :slight_smile:



Perfect, thanks!

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How do I get the Search to go away when I click Verify? If I press crtl-f the Search Window appears.
After that, when I click Verify the Search window still remains when I click Verify and I can’t see my errors.

I am not a fan of the search feature. It’s hard to see what’s highlighted and it’s hard to tell when your search returned no results. Can I change the IDE background from black to white? That would probably help.

This is a necro thread apparently but, on my mac 10.11.2 running Chrome 47.0.2526.106 pressing command+f brings up the search field and command+g finds next but HOW DO I MAKE IT GO AWAY?!? Saving, compiling, everything gets hidden with the search field camped out down at the bottom of the screen. I have to reload or clear cache to get it to go away…

am I doing something wrong. I’ve resorted to copy-pasting into my goto text editor to find/replace…

The bug still exists in the IDE making the CTRL-F (on Windows) a pain because you must shut down the browser and come back in to clear the Search: area at the bottom of the window. Has anyone found an easier and less disruptive workaround?

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On my Web IDE (on Chrome in Windows 7) hitting ESC will dismiss the search window.

I like the CTRL-G to find-next. Is there also a find-previous?

This really needs to be fixed, the issue was raised in April 2014, The last post was Mar 2017, and here we are at March 2019?

Come on guys… five+ years to fix one of the most used features in any IDE?

Maybe all of the Particle dev’s need to have their IDE’s taken away and forced to use notepad until someone decides to fix it?

Agreed that the web IDE deserves some loving, but as far as basic functionality goes, it kinda does what it needs to do. Is it ideal? Definitely not. Should it be revamped? Definitely yes.

Alternatively there is now Particle Workbench, based on Visual Studio Code, which is a much more professional IDE. Give that a look?

Yes, Particle Workbench is great if you have physical access to the Particle…

But, I need to be able to work on them remotely and in my opinion the Web IDE is so well integrated into the overall ecosystem, it really would be a much better solution (with a few minor tweaks).

In reality, Visual studio is really overkill isn’t it?

Workbench can also cloud build and flash OTA.

VS Code is a separate product line to full-fledged Visual Stuido.

BTW, as far as we know Web IDE will rather be superceded by another, better web based IDE than kept on life support forever :wink:

Guess I opened a can of worms… :laughing:

Workaround: when the error message show up (hidden by Search), press again Ctrl-F, then Escape. This will hide the Search box, and you’re back to normal.

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