SDK modifications for Mesh

HI, I want to understand if there is an option where we can tweak some SDK code or some of the basic firmware ?

As an example: The API for keyboard class says that we can receive MAXIMUM 8 characters at one time. I want to know if it is possible to increase the number of characters ? Should I tweak the SDK and if its feasible ?

First off, I’m not sure whether the mesh devices will support the USB HID features the same way as the existing devices do - it was some time before that feature was made availeble there too.

However, the number of characters sent per USB report is not at the discretion of Particle but it’s fixed by the USB standard for USB HID devices. Having said that I’m not even convinced that the maximum of 8 is true. IIRC the USB HID report can only carry 6 characters plus two bytes (1x modifier keys + 1x reserved).
You can create any kind of USB report descriptor but you won’t be able to rely on the host to deal with it as a standard USB HID Keyboard.

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I concur with @ScruffR. My investigation from this thread found that the USB HID keyboard standard was for 6 simultaneous keys (plus modifiers). I’m not sure why the docs say 8 keys.