Hi, i’m trying to use the SD-CARD-LIBRARY avaible from Particle Build IDE and at first i tryed to run the “Spark-Cardinfo.cpp” example. however, when i try to compile it, i get the folowing error:
sd-card-library/sd2-card-config.h:21:18: error: ‘Serial’ was not declared in this scope
could anyone give me some clues in order to solve it? thanks in advance

I’d recommend you use the new SDFAT library instead - it’s much faster and more stable.

I think the old one will not be maintained any more.

BTW: Are you using a Core or a Photon?

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Hi! @ScruffR … thanks!. sorry … i’m using a photon device

For the Photon there’d be this version of the old lib sd-card-library-photon-compat

And then only for firmware version up to 0.4.7

So SDFAT is still your best bet.