Rules Engine access for Spectra Attendees

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I’m sure there are some others out here with the same question, so I thought I’d make a forum post on this:

I was at Particle Spectra, and attended the Rules Engine workshop, I liked it!

After the Conference, I was pretty busy the following week, so I didn’t get around to requesting access to the rules engine for 5-6 days. I guess that put me far down the que, as I haven’t been given access to use the service, but I see by others forum posts that they are up and running, but here I am almost two months later with no news.

I am just a one-man operation, so I understand that I’m not high up on the priority list, but I was there supporting Particle in person and in wallet by attending the conference, and I was at the introductory workshop, where they taught me how to use it. I really feel like someone who was in the room, getting in person instruction for this tool, who went to the trouble and cost to travel to SF to attend their developer event, should be given the access to use the tools they were introduced to.

Anyone else feel the same? Maybe I’m the only one in this boat who didn’t sign up earlier.


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I’ve requested access to this a few times now with no replies also.

It looks interesting to me.

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@jimbol @RWB I understand that there is some cost involved in spinning up an instance and before Particle do this for everybody who requested access they are evaluating the use case. In my opinion they should have charged for access to the beta rather than rationing on the basis of the use case and then let those evaluating decide on the cost/benefit themselves.

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Hey folks, I’ll feedback to the team as well and see if there’s a update that can be provided.