RSSI update rate

We’re finding the RSSI value is not changing very often – we need to build a tool for testing our network strength. Has anyone had luck altering the scan params wlan_ioctl_set_scan_params or using an alternative approach to getting RSSI ? If we alter these parameters, does a factory reset change them back?

Thanks much in advance!

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I have my spark cores reporting RSSI every second and graphing it on an OLED display…

They report a single value for a few minutes, then a few minutes of 0, then a few minutes of a similar value as before (usually some change)… and then a few minutes of 0…

It’s really strange… but it’s my observation…

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I’ve been poking around the TI forums, since there wasn’t much info here.

if it’s helpful, here’s some links that seem relevant and have some examples of people using wlan_ioctl_set_scan_params:

I’m curious about how calling this might interact with the firmware, I don’t want to brick my device so it would be good to know if adjusting these settings is cleared on a factory reset or not.

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HI @zach_l

I don’t think the current firmware ever calls wlan_ioctl_set_scan_params() so the defaults are likely being used.

I think you can call wlan_ioctl_set_scan_params()–you just want to be careful and make sure of your types and sizes. There are some comments you likely have already read in wlan.h that indicate some of the recommended parameter values.

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