RSS to Discord Webhook (sometimes working sometimes not)

Hi all!
I created an IFTTT Applet which is read from the forum RSS feed(This forum also discourse forum like this) and push to a Discord server with Webhook. I would liked to use the name and the avatar of the author in the Discord Webhook. Becouse the avatar link always the same expect the username in it,

http:// dani0001414 /120/5039_1.png

in the RSS Feed where the Author always look like this: “@username”, i wrote a litle Filter Code which is delete the first character “@”.
My Applet sometimes working correctly, but sometimes just stoped working. Applet Failed in the Activity. In Android IFTTT app sad detailed info: “Too many requests to this host. Enhance your calm and try again later.” or sometimes “There was a problem running the action.” In this topic just a few post created in a day.
I didn’t modofication the code or the settings. I made a mistake in the Filter Code becouse sometimes don’t work or this is an error which is not my fault? Thank you the help for advance. :slight_smile:

This is my Applet looks like in the edit:
The Filter Code in Pastebin:

This is the RSS feed ingredients: