RGB mirror not working on Argon

I can’t mirror the LED to an external RGB-LED with RGB.mirrorTo() on an Argon.

void setup() {
RGB.mirrorTo(D4, D5, D6, true);

void loop() { }

  • I can control all three LEDs with digitalWrite() after setting them as output with pinMode(), so this is no hardware problem.
  • Mirroring with the same code works on a photon (using pins D0, D1 and D2 as the photon has PWM on other pins), so my code seems to be correct.

I tried cloud compile and local compile using 0.8.0-rc.27, but no luck.

Is this a bug in the mesh firmware?

MirrorTo is not yet supported on mesh devices. It looks like the code has been written but has not been merged and released in a build yet.


Okay thank you, then I’ll wait for the merge and release.

Is there any documentation on features that are not implemented yet for the mesh devices? I haven’t seen any hint in the documentation of mirrorTo.

@nils you could do a work around with using RGB.onChange(handler);
Then in handler, just analogWrite() the RGB values to the pins of your LED. This way you could also use RGB.control() to control both on board and your LED.

Btw thanks for this post, I was trying to get mirrorTo() working for the last 30mins.


Hey @rickkas7,

Saw that the reference page is updated with the external LED support. Could you please confirm it?

The mirror feature has been merged but a version has not been released with the feature yet. It should be in 1.1.0-rc.1 which should be out within a few weeks.

Thanks for the info.