RFID,LCDwith i2c, Arduino,servo90degrees

Who knows how to code in arduino their variables on hardware anyone can help me? Please anyone can give me some example codes for this topic ?

Rfid card is used for payment to enter the servo. And the LCD w / i2c will see balances and pay at the car park.

Any help will be appreciated :smile:

What devices are you using? Knowing the specific models will help.

However, learning how to do it will be more meaningful than getting code done for you.

i use Arduino uno, lcd 16x2 with i2c, micro servo 99,rfid rc522

Yes @kennethlimcp
I’ll just ask for a sample code so it’s easier for me to know and understand. And the deadline on our project is also very close.

Well, this is not an Arduino forum but i’ll share some links to get you going.

Servo sample code

RFID rc522 sample code

I have no idea which model of LCD you are using so maybe a link to the product would help.

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I’ve done sample codes sir. I just do not have a idea of ​​how to combine everything. Especially in the payment code. When it comes hardware part.
How do i code like this ? to rfid parts?


int main ()
int card=100, reload, amount=0;

	printf("Insert card\n");
amount= card-25;

	printf("Your bal. %d\n\n", amount);
	printf("Insert amount\n");
	scanf("%d", &reload);
	printf("%d reloaded\n", reload);
printf(" Your card is %d", amount);
	return 0;