Rest and LED example HELP

I am looking for some assistance in trying to figure out how to get the example within the docs for the control led’s over the net. Below is the what I am plugging into my chrome browser.,HIGH?access_token=7c33feb14c0cf28d34fbb9685c1de3e5a9ba0eb9

the reply I am getting back within the browser is:

“cmd”: “VarReturn”,
“name”: “led1&params=l1,HIGH”,
“TEMPORARY_allTypes”: {
“string”: " \u0000P\u0000",
“uint32”: 536891392,
“number”: 536891392,
“double”: null,
“float”: 1.0868491504456741e-19,
“raw”: " \u0000P\u0000"
“result”: " \u0000P\u0000",
“coreInfo”: {
“last_app”: “”,
“last_heard”: “2014-01-09T02:12:44.754Z”,
“connected”: true,
“deviceID”: “53ff6b065067544856311287”

Any help would be much appreciated, I am a complete noob to using the rest API, so I am hoping someone who has experience can help me get started. Thank you in advance.

Hi @danlee6992,

It looks like you’re running the “control an led from the net” example. It looks like you want to call a function (since you have the params argument in the url), but you sent a “GET” request instead of a “POST” request. You might have more success trying one of the great example apps from the community .

Also it looks like you’re hitting “led1”, instead of just the exposed function “led”


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Check out this Chrome extension! Great for twiddling and debugging.