Resetting from CLI?

Everyone, we have some unit’s that are not easily physically accessible, but it appears that our app firmware is no longer working (The functions show up on the console, but dont seem to be returning anything). I suspect it’s a bigger issue that will require a full hardware reset on our side, but I would like to verify that it is or isnt possible to reset the modem remotely… I can ping the unit, so the modem is “reachable”. Thanks in advance.

No, but there are a few techniques that occasionally can get a stuck device unstuck in a pinch:

  • Flashing user firmware again OTA
  • Flashing system part 1 of the same system firmware version that’s on it OTA (this works more often than user firmware, oddly enough)
  • Deactivating the SIM for 10 minutes

None of those work all the time, but are good tricks to try if the device is hard to get to.

Thanks. I will give those a try.