Reset Photon over Cloud


I have very basic need of resetting photon on field if there some corruption in code. Can I reset it by connecting it to laptop over cloud?

Please advice.

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Sure, you can do that as long as the Photon is connected to the cloud, and it’s not stuck in a loop that won’t let it respond to a function call or a published event. So, you can either call a function, or publish an event that the Photon subscribes to. Set a flag in the function handler or subscribe handler that you check in loop,

bool shouldReset = false;

void loop() {
    if (shouldReset == true) {
        shouldReset = false;
    // other loop stuff

int resetPhoton(String cmd) { // function handler
    shouldReset = true;
    return 1;
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@Iqram, another way to reset your Photon when corruption occurs is to use the application watchdog :wink: