Request to https failed with httpClient

Hi everybody

I’m trying to do some requests (mostly POST and GET) to a https host, but every time, this is a failure due to the security of the https.
How can I do a request to this kind of address please ? :smile:

Thanks in advance.

For this you’d need a HTTPSClient - HTTPClient does not support encryption.

But you are in luck as just recently a HTTPSClient has been ported for the Photon.

I guess it’s still WIP, but have a look :wink:

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Thanks @ScruffR I’ll take a look at this https client, thanks :smiley:

Unfortunately, I’m working with, and I can’t have an ip address, and I don’t have any good result :frowning:

Maybe you could look at the library source at
httpsclientSetup(const char * g_ip_str, const char * host, const char * path);
implementation or a dedicated function that performs a DNS lookup, or you do that yourself or you ping the library owner.

BTW: Have you tried how the function above reacts if you don’t provide a valid IP?

Even if I give to this function a non-valid IP, I still receive some datas. I don’t get some when I’m using api

Do you have some name of api cloud which provide history for datas ?