Repeated spark/cc3000-patch-version 1.29 events

Since Saturday, I’ve been seeing things like the following in the output from for multiple Cores:

event: spark/cc3000-patch-version
data: {"data":"1.29","ttl":"60","published_at":"2014-09-05T07:10:42.957Z","coreid":"55ff70065075555309431487"}

Two questions:

  1. What changed? Why did these events suddenly start appearing in the event stream on Saturday?
  2. Some cores’ streams include these repeatedly, every couple of minutes in one case. Does this indicate continual rebooting? Something else?

It was baked into the latest firmware so that’s published by default.

Looking at it, the only cores affected are those that were flashed on Saturday. OK, that much makes sense.

What’s causing the repeated events, does this indicate repeated reboots?

I don’t think so. It’s just broadcasting periodically.


That’s inside Spark_handshake(), which only appears to be called in spark_wlan.cpp:SPARK_WLAN_Loop() if (!SPARK_CLOUD_CONNECTED), which suggests that something’s going wrong. I’ll dig deeper sometime soon.

Hi @rolandturner

This is how the cloud “knows” if you core needs a “deep update” or not and I think is only sent when your core joins or rejoins the cloud connection. If you are seeing it a lot and you are not explicitly controlling your connection, then your core is rebooting.

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