Remote Logging Library - Anyone Tried This?


As I try to get more data to help with my mass missed connections issue:

and support has suggested I enable remote logging to collect data for troubleshooting. I am using @rickkas7’s cool new Remote Logging Library:

and am following this application note:

I have followed the steps in the application note carefully and have set up a Solar Winds account (with a unique URL and port number - my only edit to the example code) but am seeing no events. With the Particle folks out for the holidays (a well deserved break), I was wondering if anyone from the community had managed to get the example in the application note to work. If so, any tips or tricks would be appreciated.

Happy Holidays!


I have a couple dozen devices using my remote logging library and Papertrail. The first thing to try is commenting out the device name callback. If there’s something that’s preventing that from working, that will prevent log messages from being sent.

Also make sure you’ve enabled the checkbox to allow logs from new systems.

@rickkas7 ,

Thank you. Your library works perfectly, it was my fault. I had left this device in a product group and it was being refreshed to the product release upon connecting.

If I might, I have two questions:

  1. I am using your publishQueuePOSIX with the default message queue (100). Do I have to worry about any contention between this library and the remote buffer for logging?

  2. Is there a way to remotely turn on remote logging using a Particle function? I looked at the API and did not see a “stop” or “start” logging function.

Thank you. This library will be a great tool in troubleshooting remotely deployed devices.


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