Remote configuration

I am trying to come up with a simple, clean approach to remotely adjust configuration variables. Basically I would like to have a place within the Device Cloud where I can set certain variables for a Product/Group and have the Device inspect these variables when it connects. For example, I want to be able to remotely adjust the reporting frequency or a sensor threshold for a group of devices that spend a lot of time asleep.

If there is some way of doing this within Device Cloud it has eluded me.

This is not a built-in feature. One way to do this is have a service that responds to an event sent by a device and sends the configuration back via an event or function call. You might do this using:

The firebase example has a “Storing data in a per-device table” example but the technique used there could be adapted for any other database example.

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Thanks for the quick response @rickkas7. Is this something that is might logically be implemented within the new Rules Engine. (btw, I do think that Losant could handle this pretty well)

Yes, this is really easy to implement in the rules engine. You can find the product and device groups easily for an incoming event and return the appropriate values to the device.

Excellent news!

This is a really big deal. I can think of a myriad of device config options that I would like to be able to remotely administer (rather than baking these variables into a firmware release).

I am SO looking forward to getting my hands on the Rules Engine!