Remote car starter

I created a simple internet based remote car starter using the Spark Core. The Core supplies an API and I have written an iOS app so far to use it. I plan on making more (and hopefully fun) client apps. Maybe an app for the Pebble watch.

You can view more about it at

The system does work. I have to make an enclosure for everything and install a second battery in the car to keep everything powered 24/7. A temp sensor is included (it’s slightly buggy.) I don’t have plans yet to integrate with ODB2. One thing this really needs is something to sense that the car is on.

Let me know what you think, and thanks for making the Spark Core! I have wanted to do this for a while and the Core made it so easy.

The hardware so far


Very cool @natefanaro! Can you post a pic of your iOS app? I really want to code some iOS stuff… is it possible without a Mac?

Not sure if you saw my Remote Starter project…

I’m guessing you’re putting this in your car… within Wifi range. I was thinking that as well… but wasn’t sure how reliable it would be.

What temperature sensor are you using? I would put it down on A7 and add a 0.01uF cap from A7 to GND to lower the impedance of the signal. I guarantee it will be less buggy :wink: Also power from 3V3* for a cleaner rail. I can’t tell from the picture if it’s hooked up to a positive voltage rail or not.

Nice tape over the LED… you need to make that flash RED as an anti-theft deterrent :slight_smile: Or maybe that’s what D4 does?

Thank you!

I actually did come across your project. It’s very configurable, and that is one thing my project is lacking. I think I referenced it when figuring out Spark.function.

You wouldn’t be able to make an iOS app without a Mac, but I do have screenshots.

If enough people are interested, I can make a build that you can download. Either from the App Store or elsewhere. I would have to make a settings screen where you can add your own api keys for the core. I added an issue to make sure I don’t forget

I don’t think the core can connect to my home wifi from the car. If I had the external antenna it might reach. I am using a small wireless hotspot from I was able to get a plan for 500MB at $4 a month. I haven’t had this set up in my car for long enough to know how much data is transferred. I’m sure 500MB is more than enough!

The temp sensor is a LM34DZ. I will certainly take your advice on hooking that up right. For some reason when I was testing it at my desk the temp seemed normal but in the car it was over by 20 degrees. (Same power supply.)

D4 is an indicator so I know if the spark received a signal. I did a lot of testing with everything connected but the batteries taken out of the remote and needed a way to know things were working. That tape over the led of the spark was so I wouldn’t get blinded by it. That thing is bright!

Concerning the iOS development. You’d need OSX in order to use Xcode. This however does not mean you need an actual Mac. You could set up a hackintosh just as well, be it a full install, a dual boot, or preferably a virtual machine. You’d need a bit of a decent computer to run it virtually, but most ‘modern’ computers/laptop should do just fine. After all, you’re just using it to code, not process heavy video material or anything.
Besides that you would need an Apple developer account if you want to get your app on your device, or distributed through the AppStore. Since that would cost you $99 a year, you might consider jailbreaking your device. Although it sounds somewhat illegal and immoral (or so I’ve been told), if your using it to control your own house, from your own device, I don’t see the harm in it.

Thanks for the info @Moors7. I do have a jailbroken iPhone 5S, and no I don’t feel that it’s illegal :smile: One day I’ll probably just end up spending the money on a Mac Mini and dev on that.