Relay control through cloud functions

I am using this library, and trying to use this example I would like to use the different functions in the library. In my curl to the particle cloud functions. What do I pass for (String command) to control the different relays? I think it would help debugging if I could figure out how to pass back the parameters that went into the function and return them.(like below instead of returning 1 return what relay was turned on.

int relayOn(String command){
// Ritual incantation to convert String into Int
char inputStr[64];
int i = atoi(inputStr);

// Turn the desired relay on

// Respond
return 1;


Since you cannot return two ints… you could return either, but in this example, we return the state of the elay you pass the command to:

int relayPins[] = {D7, D1, D2, D3};  // any bunch of pins

void setup() 
  Particle.function("relay", relayCommand);  //message format is = Relay:2:1 or Relay:2:0 or even  Relay1:1 Relay1:0
  for(int i = 0; i < sizeof(relayPins)/sizeof(relayPins[0]); i++)
      pinMode(relayPins[i], OUTPUT);

void loop() 


int relayCommand(const char* params)
    char message[125] = "";
    strcpy(message, params);
    if(strstr(message, "Relay") != NULL)
        int relayNumber = atoi(strtok(message,"Relay:"));
        int relayState = atoi(strtok(NULL, ":"));
        if(relayNumber >=0 && relayNumber < sizeof(relayPins)/sizeof(relayPins[0]))
            char buffer[125] = "";
            sprintf(buffer,"Relay %d requested %s", relayNumber, relayState? "ON" : "OFF");
            Particle.publish("message", buffer);
            digitalWrite(relayPins[relayNumber], relayState? HIGH : LOW);
            return relayState? 1: 0;
            Particle.publish("message", "invalid relay");
    Particle.publish("message", "invalid command");
    return -99;

and you don’t need the library…


… or you could encode multiple values into one as long the “sub-entries” don’t use the full in length.


uint8_t v1 = 1;    // status 
uint8_t v2 = 6;    // relay nr
uint8_t v3 = 180;  // value

return v1*10000000 + v2*10000 + v3; // comes back as 10060180

@palsen, instead of toCharArray() and atoi() you could just use command.toInt().
And just return i instead if constant 1.

Very nice what would a curl look like, lets say relay D7?

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Sort of like this:

Relay 0 ON:

curl -d access_token=yourAccessToken -d "args=Relay:0:1"

Relay 0 OFF:

curl -d access_token=yourAccessToken -d "args=Relay:0:0"

D7 in my example is Relay zero:

int relayPins[] = {D7, D1, D2, D3};  // any bunch of pins