Reduce power consume with timer and interrupt

Hi everyone,
I want to reduce the power consume of the Photon, with the usage of a timer and interrupt. Practically speaking, I have to send a TCP packet over the LAN, every 60 seconds, or in case PIR motion detection (interrupt). How Can I do? What would be an average power consume?

I can’t answer that - too many variables.

But for the other question, have a read here

Thank you for your reply. The PIR sensor may be this one. Do you think is possible to have a Particle with this sensor, working for at least 6 months with a sort of a small solar panel?

Still too many unkonwn variables.
What is “small”.
Where are you located and how many sun hours will you have?
How often will the device be woken?
What battery will you be using?
What else will the Photon be doing?

But even if you can answer all these, it won’t be a yes or no answer, you’ll rather have to do some tests yourself and extrapolate.


Thank you for your reply. The particle will work 24/24 hours and it is set to be outside. The box dimensions are not a problem and so the litium can work. The Photon has to sens a TCP packet over a WiFi connection every 60 seconds or during an interrupt with the pir sensor.