Redirect HTTP request

I would like to redirect a browser making a request to my Spark Core’s lan IP. I can get the IP, I just don’t know HTML that well, and I thought someone here may be able to assist.

What I’d like, though is that anyone on my lan (and the local device shows its IP) can enter messages (see project summary below) and instead of the device as the host, I would like to redirect that call to my mac mini web server… let’s say any calls to port 80. I’d like to do the forward on the core, if possible.

I am working on a device that displays some summary data from my home automation controller (e.g. garage door states, the alarm status, weather condition, email count, etc). I had originally created it with Arduino and it works really well. In addition to receiving information sent (via HTTP command) from a couple servers in the house (my mac mini server and Vera 3) it also transmits HTTP commands to the servers so it is a pretty active device. I had built in a little webpage so that I could also have a cool way of messaging that particular device…

Well, now I converted it over to Spark Core, and it works but I want to gather up the messaging into a single webpage… The Spark Core’s native capability has made this a much easier project, by the way!

thanks in advance for any assistance offered,