Recommendation for BOM management tool

I am looking for a tool/software to manage our BOM for various Particle-centered products. I haven’t had much success finding a BOM tool that works well and was wondering what others use? At this point, we’re just using Notion so that we can drop everything in one place and use tables to manage the actual part lists. I’ve been considering building a simple, open-sourced tool, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Any and all tips/thoughts are appreciated!

I’m keen to know as well.

Wanting a good system for BOM inventory management- auto alerts for when to reorder etc

Dont roll your eyes immediately, but Excel is flexible enough for my BOM needs. Simple functions can be used to cycle through reorder levels, and I appreciate being able to bulk upload multiple part numbers into Digikey for periodic orders.

There is quite some discussion on the topic over here:

I cannot say that I have tried any of the solutions suggested on this site.