Recommendation for Accelerometer Board + Libraries for Argon

I teach a college class where we have been using Sparkfun’s MMA8452Q. Unfortunately they discontinued that board and I’m scrambling to find a replacement.

I’m looking for a relatively simple accelerometer breakout board with these requirements

  • I2C connection
  • Particle Argon compatible library
  • Relatively easy to use library for beginning students–meaning function calls provided to read acceleration, tap detection, and (ideally) orientation like the Sparkfun library used to support so there is no need to dig through registers

Skimming through the Particle libraries, I couldn’t see a library that fit those specifications. I noticed on the forum here some posts about LIS3DH and ADXL362, but those libraries didn’t seem approachable to beginning students.

Thanks all for the recommendations!

@rob7 ,

I also use the MMA8452Q and will miss it because of the higher level functions like tap detection.

I have used the LIS3DH for orientation and would be happy to share that code.

If this helps, I have about 20 of the Sparkfun MMA8452 boards I “hoarded” when I saw they were going end of life. I can sell them to you at my cost if that gets you through this year. My sincere (desperate?) hope is that, next year, there will be a successor to the MMA8452 and the FXOS8700 that have these higher level features.



Wow Chip that is a really kind offer! However Sparkfun was building kits so I had to make decision quickly so I went with the ADXL345. It seemed like people had used it on forum here so I took a chance.

I really hope there is a successor chip as well. I found the board and library really easy to use with my students compared to many of the others.

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