Reading sensor data to a web app

Hello Spark community,

I am new to spark, but I have been using Arduino’s for a long time. I am fairly experienced in programming C/C++/Wiring, Python, and basic HTML syntax. But I would like to essential wirelessly monitor my room. I have a temperature and humidity sensor and an 8 channel relay board that I would like to control from the web.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of setting up a web app or whatever I need to do on the web side to get this project going? I have never created a website from scratch or set up my own local network, but I know with a good tutorial I could easily figure it out.


Hi @Mohrad

There are bunch of great resources here in the forum–just look around a bit: For the monitoring part, you might want to start with the Spark.variable and Spark.publish tutorials here in the forum:

For the controlling relay boards, try this one:

or this one:


Thank you so much!

I already have an eight channel relay board, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble with that. I just didn’t know what questions to ask to get to all these articles you posted, so thank you@

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This is exactly what I needed!

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