Reading and reporting Vin?

I am trying to read the voltage going into the Vin pin of the electron so that I can send it in my heart beat data reporting as a way to monitor the battery charge state. I am already in LRIP so rewiring the battery to another analog pin means a redesign. Is there a way to get the electron to read the voltage going in without another IO pin being used?

The PMIC is turned off and the fuel gauge is already disabled. The electron is powered via Vin pin by an external SLA battery and solar panel.


i read in docs once that Li+ is connected to positive battery terminal. maybe you can read Li+ somehow?? if & then how are beyond my knowledge at this time.

I’m not aware of any such thing, after all the fuel gauge was meant to do the monitoring and for that sake there was no call for extra ways to do the same thing any other way.

If you decide to bypass the fuel gauge, you may not get around comming up with an external alternative for your specific needs.

For the same argument Li+ won’t provide any extra help either.

Just add an INA219 chip to monitor the Voltage coming from the battery. You can monitor current also. You would just need the I2C pins to communicate with the INA219 chip.

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