Reading 16 x PT1000


I am looking for a module compatible with Photon card for the acquisition of 16 x PT1000 sensors.
I would like to have all 16 inputs on one card.

Which product would you recommend?

Thank you for your answers.

You can use any analog acquisition board that has standard onboard communication protocols such as I2C, SPI, or CAN so the acquisition board can send the input values to the Photon. The Photon has 8 analog inputs so you could use those, but for all 16, you could use an A/D board such as the MCP3208 to extend the number to 16. If you want to unload all 16 externally, use (2) MCP chips and talk over SPI to each board to grab all the inputs. All you need to do is toggle the respective CS lines to each chip to grab the 16 sensor values. Happy coding :slight_smile:

Hello Tommy

Thank you for your information,

I have one of the I2C cards for Rasberry (
How to connect this card with the Photon?

Thank you in advance

Unless the expansion board has analog inputs for your PT1000, that setup won’t work. You have to read those sensors with analog inputs. Digital inputs alone won’t work. I highly recommend the MCP3208. You break out the A/D conversion you’re looking for at 12 bit and they have 0-5v range. Just talk to the MCP3208 chips over SPI with your particle device.