Raspberry Pi + Particle Electron for sending a photo over the Internet

I want to connect Raspberry Pi to the Internet for sending a photo (persons detecction) but the raspberry pi and the webcam will be installed in a place where there is not Internet, there is not Ethernet/WiFi connection and I want to use the Particle Electron for connecting the Raspberry to the Internet and send the photo over the Internet to a email. Could that be possible?

On principle yes, but I’m not sure if this would be the best solution without further background like how often would that happen and how quickly would you need the pic to be delivered.

In order to do that you’d need to send the data across one of the HW interfaces to the Electron, which would need to buffer that, wrap it in an SMTP “envelope” and pass that (insecure) to an SMTP server, or forward the raw pic data to another server which does the mail creation.

Doable yes, but would a 3G/4G dongle not be easier?