Raspberry Pi CPU Temp Code is Not Working

I tried to get this code to work on my Raspberry Pi connected to the Particle Cloud. It compiled and flash corrected (I think) but when I opened the console.particle.io/events I have yet to see it publish the Pi’s CPU temperature once.

# include "Particle.h"

int getTempC(String args)
  Process proc = Process::run("vcgencmd measure_temp");
  proc.wait(); // The output is temp=43.5'C, so read past the = and parse the number
  float cpuTemp = proc.out().parseFloat();
  Particle.publish("cpu-temp", String(cpuTemp));
  return 0;

void setup()
  Particle.function("getTempC", getTempC);

void loop()
  // Nothing in the loop

Did you call the function :see_no_evil:?