Question regarding Access Token

Sorry! I am new to particle and programing. I have a very simple and stupid question.

How many access token can each account have? or is it one access token per device?

I don’t know of the upper limit but you can definitely have more than one

@kennethlimcp, I believe it is ONE active access token per device but that token can be changed without restrictions.

Yeah, think again… I’ve just tried ‘particle token list’ in the CLI, and it turns out I’ve got about 155 active accessTokens (and probably over a thousand expired ones). Most of them have an expiration date somewhere in the next three-four month, while at least two of them are indefinitely. Seems as though I can use any of them to make requests. Time to call in the expert: @Dave


Your access token lets you access your account, and all your devices. There isn’t an explicit upper limit on how many you can have, but please don’t create more than you need (otherwise we might need to make a new rule :slight_smile: ).



Thank you all for the reply! =]