Question about voltage USB and 3V3

hello guys!
i am having a trouble with voltage with my spark core.
i power on with usb and the LED’s turn on with full brightness!
i power with 3v and they wont blink with full power.
(I am trying to do the wifi sword tutorial

OH, if anyone from Spark see Zach Suppala, say that the hack is NOT “pretty straightforward”. :’(

Hi @zenbra

You don’t say what kind of 3.3 V supply you are using with your War Sting. Are you sure you are providing enough current? The tutorial says to use these for full brightness:

@zach is very busy but is around here from time to time, but I bet if you try with higher current batteries it work a whole lot better!

the trick, like @bko suggested, is to use higher voltage batteries. Those energizers that he linked to are exactly what we used in our demos; it won’t work correctly with standard AAs.

Thanks guys!
i am from brazil, so i will search a equivalent battery!