Question about using battery charger and fuel gauge with 8.4V lipo battery

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@RWB and @Rftop : I have amanged to source some beefy lipo 9V batteries, so I think I have managed to fix my issue. I haven’t connected the solar panel yet, but so far, the Battery babysitter is doing the job. I can monitor my battery levels, which gives me an idea of how long it will last and charge it through usb. As soon as I have the brackets for the panels done, it will be real life testing!!! :smiley:


The Battery Babbysitter will not charge your 9v batteries because it’s 3.7v Single cell LiPo Charger.


@RWB: Sorry, this is a case of multitasking gone wrong. :frowning: My post below should have read “I have managed to source some beefy 3.7V lipo batteries” and not “9V batteries”. I am using a step-up converter to generate the 9V from the 3.7V battery and so far, it is working really good. :smiley:


Sweet. You should be good to go then :slight_smile: :sunny: