PWM on D4 D5 and D6 failing on D4


When PWMing D4,D5 and D6, D4 stops PWMing. If we change PWM from D5 to D8 then it works. If we only PWM two pins on this group then it works.
So it seems that there is an issue with PWMing Concurrent pins, this happens on all mesh devices types and is present on version 0.9, 1.1 and 1.2beta.

Is there an issue with the System Firmware around setting the PWM?

Code used

#include <Particle.h>


void setup() {
  pinMode(D4, OUTPUT);
  analogWrite(D4, 32);
  pinMode(D5, OUTPUT);
  analogWrite(D5, 64);
  pinMode(D6, OUTPUT);
  analogWrite(D6, 128); 

void loop() { ; }

That issue (alongside other related ones) is already reported and the fix has been merged :wink: