Pulling Text from an HTML div


I have a web page that’s running a javascript script then placing the output in the body of my web page in a div. I was wondering if it was possible to use the particle to take the contents of the div and then publish them in serial? The page reloads every so often, so I would want that text to be read everytime the page reloads.

I have experience with javascript but am new to Particle.

Thanks for any and all help.

If you have to parse through a ton of data, you may want to try to create a simple stripped-down file/page that serves up from the same server but at an alternate file extension. Wehn you update your page, update the micro-page (very simple JSON object on yourserver.com/data.json) and then parse that simplified page…

Have you Particle go up every so often with some url query string argument that gets photon the right little page. :slight_smile:

or if you are good at php a little script to strip out the data server-side.