Pulling a char string from struct to an array?

Hey all, I am working with WiFi.scan() to create a struct with nearby WiFi access points. I am trying to pull the SSID char string from the struct and put into an array buffer to then be displayed on a touchscreen. What is the best way to go about this?

So using a struct set up like
struct WiFiAccessPoint {
char SSID[33];
uint8_t BSSID[6];
SecurityType securityType;
uint8_t channel;
int RSSI; // when scanning

I want to take that char SSID and throw it into a buffer initialized like
char WiFibuffer[100] = {0};

using the existing WiFi Access Point struct didn’t work for you?

I actually haven’t tried using the existing struct so I will try that right now. but I don;t see how after using that existing struct how to pull out just the SSIDs and place them in their own buffers in order to be displayed

I can use that existing struct but when trying to copy the char string over I get an error saying it has no member named SSID

The member of the WiFiAccessPoint struct is ssid (lowercase); wiring/C++ is case-sensitive.

Ah, and it does show that in the example on the documentation. Thanks! Kind of sad I overlooked that but at this point i feel like my brain is mush :joy: