PublishQueueAsyncRK issue after a restart

I have adapted the PublishQueueAsyncRK library to support FRAM SPI storage of the events. I am finding that the sending of events after a restart of the Photon (and FRAM) is suffering a corrupted message which is recovered from but appears to leave an orphan message at the start of the queue. The FRAM version of PublishQueueAsync is a clone of the retained memory version. Is there something that you could recommend to correct this - validate the header structure more rigorously than a magic number?
[Update] It appears that the use of the library to read the VBAT and Photon core temperature was the cause of the hiccup just after restart. Since, I would like to add monitoring of the coin cell attached to VBAT I wonder if @rickkas7 could perhaps comment on the possible cause and if there is a way for the PublishQueueAsync and the photon_vbat libraries to co-exist on the same device?

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I believe this was resolved here: PublishQueueAsyncRK - size limitation on addressable Retained RAM - is that correct?

@marekparticle One part related to PublishQueueAsyncRK using 1Mbit SPI FRAM (>64KB) was related however the use of photon_vbat library together with PublishQueueAsyncRK still causes an issue.

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