PublishQueue Library bug

I am using version 0.0.11 of the extremely useful PublishQueue library.

It works most of the time but I do not know why sometimes queued statements are never published? Changing the queued statement to the regular Particle.publish fixes the problem but of course defeats the issue …

Does anyone else have this problem?

You may file this as an issue in the library repo on GitHub.
This is more likely to be monitored by the contributor than any arbitrary thread in this forum, especially when you are not tagging the contributor directly.

Thank you @ScruffR, I will.


If you don’t get anywhere with PublishQueue. You might want to check out PublishManager (shameless self-plug). PublishManager does what PublishQueue does and more. It also avoids dynamic memory allocation which can lead to issues(heap-fragmentation, crashing) if your device is running for extended periods of time.

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Thank you very much @bveenema. I will definitely try it.