Publishing return good (1) but not appear in webinterface in Dashboard

Hello yesterday everything work fine. Today events not appear in wen interface. It is some service problem?

I need a slightly more detailed explanation of the problem. What do you mean by “return good”? Is the device completely absent from the Console/Dashboard or is it simply offline?

device in deep sleep then wake up make sent = Particle.publish(“M”, stringOne); and it is return true.
if ( sent == true) Serial.println(“Publish good”);
I have in console Publish good. But event to appear in web dashboard.

Do you send your device back to sleep or disconnect from the cloud after that publish?
If so, you need to wait a few seconds after the publish to actually get delivered.
The return value of the call only tells you that the event was successfully queued but doesn’t tell you if it was already sent.

i can do this with delay(5000) in loop function after publish function calling. It is will be enough time to send in cloud?

5 sec should be enough.

Any other way to get ACK from cloud and be sure that it event delivered?

You could subscribe to your own event :slight_smile:

Currently self-subscribing seems to be the only way, but AFAIK there will be an enhancement in some future release where you can get some feedback about the delivery.

yes subscribe on my own will be good enough . Thank you. And another question why i can’t see event history in dashboard?

The dashboard only subscribes to your events and stores them on your machine while you are running it, there is no event store in the cloud yet.

i couldn’t help but notice the magic word ‘yet’!

are there plans to store event history in your cloud? currently i do this by pushing my events to pushbullet and processing from there.

Yes, there are plans. No, there’s no timeschedule for that yet, unfortunately.