PS2Communication Library Issues


I’m having trouble getting the PS2Communication library to work with the Photon and the example PS2Mouse code. I’m attaching an image to reference the hardware. The PS2Mouse code runs but I believe no data is being passed back and forth between the devices. The log never shows a data log and simply prints " - not a valid mouse type" continuously.

I confirmed the mouse is jumper wired correctly because if I use the original USB cable and the 4 wires (data, clock, VIN, and ground), the mouse works properly with a computer. So, I believe the problem is between the library and mouse. Any help in troubleshooting the library would be appreciated. I believe the mouse reset should be the first command to succeed. Is there any way to determine if mouse reset is working with a very simple example? Has anyone else had success recently with a USB mouse?

Thank you,

You mean you have got a computer with a PS/2 receptacle and tried it on that?
If so, then I’m surprised my lib does not work, but sure I’ve only tested against a very limited batch of PS/2 mice.

What is the exact type of mouse you’re using?
Not all USB mice nowadays still support legacy PS/2 fallback, so that needs to be confirmed first.