Problens connecting to photon (TCPServer) from various TCPclient devices

Hi all.
First, let me say this is not a Particle problem. I have had similar code working fine in my home Wifi. Unfortunately I am not home but in a nursing facility so I am having to deal with their wifi.

The photon runs fine and gets as far as creating a client from the server.My clients include my laptop, an android tablet and a phone. (downloaded TCP packet sender apps). I have never completed the connection.

Traceroute and ping don’t work unless I ping the public IP. but I cant get either to work between local IP devices. So finally, my question is, what about the wifi setup would prevent communications between local devices? I have attached my code just in case I did screw something up.
Thanks for the help.

TCPServer server = TCPServer(2607);
TCPClient client;

void setup()
  // start listening for clients



  waitFor(Serial.isConnected, 30000);

  IPAddress host= WiFi.localIP();
  uint16_t np=, 60, 111, 83));
  Serial.printf(" Ping returned %d\n", np);

void loop()
 uint16_t count1= client.available();
    Serial.printf("this client better?? - 0x%08x - bytes queued: %d - connected? %d\n", client, count1, client.connected());
  if (client && client.connected())
    // echo all available bytes back to the client
    while (client.available())
      Serial.printf("in collection loop\n");

 //     server.write(;
    // if no client is yet connected, check for a new connection
    client = server.available();

DHCP? Is the WAP setup to use static IP addresses only? Is there some sort of device/client blocking (MAC address)? You could try installing Wireshark and looking at the IP traffic to figure out what is not happening.

it would not hurt to ask if you can talk with someone in the IT [or whatever it is called at the facility] to learn about what is acceptable [possible] and what is not.

Wireshark is a good idea… I’ll play with that today.
A few details I left out… The photon is connecting to the cloud… It shows up in the dashboard and I can publish variables… Etc.