Problem with the consistency when photon particle prints parsed data from webhook

Hi! I have finally found a way to print some data on the lcd screen (the problem that I had before was that I was missing the lcd.print function).

Now the problem is that my mustache parsing is not letting me get more than one time (of when the next bus is coming) instead it shows me only the next time…

And another problem is also that The posting on the lcd is not consistent, for example I get the next time every 2 minutes or something, I think this is a problem with the delay, that I have to do the loop with a timer function instead…

Does any1 know how to help?

The code is here:

Thank you all in advance!

I see you didn’t care about my warning about strdup() and String in your other thread.
In that case I guess you prefer to be helped by someone else.

I actually wanted to continue in that thread but thought you would be too bored to help me and would tell me to create a new thread because that was another question, sorry I think that’s me getting burned from StackOverflow too many times, and besides why would you jump to the conclusion directly I “didn’t care” and “want to be helped by somebody else”… Maybe ask why posted it in a new thread… If I wanted to be helped by somebody else I would have gone to my friend that has done this project already and knows how to solve it, I wanted to know how to solve it with YOUR help the whole communities… Didn’t think that this was so personal…

But yeah thanks for that great advice there…

P.S. I tried that other advice remember, and I got new errors, which I tried to resolve and I couldn’t… Maybe you could also tell me where to put that code in what line so I understand those instructions better… And a little pointer, if you are trying to help somebody that is new to a certain language/technology it would be a great thing if you would be nice while you’re doing it, give them more material, don’t look at them like they are doing something wrong, but as something they don’t know, that is if you want to teach them, but if you are on tehse forums just to take out your frustrations and make people give up, then at least say it before you give your advice…

you know what, I think I’ll just do my project with either support or my friends from now on, since nobody actually wants to help me, only you have responded and now you also think I don’t care about your responses and I really think that there is not enough documentation on Photon’s side for me to try for this long this hard in doing something simple as getting a freakin bus table online, so good day and goodbye thank you for your kindness, this is why I don’t use forums

The pastebin you linked in your original post here has the same “issues” that I had pointed out already, so chances are that these might be pointed out by others just the same, resulting in little additional value for you and extra work for others.
Hence it would have been nice to see the provided advice incorporated in later versions/evolutions of your code.

What errors, and why not ask about them in the original thread? The errors should have gone after my final post to which you didn’t come back.

If we wouldn’t want to help, we wouldn’t be donating our own spare time for free here.
You only signed up to this forum a couple of days ago, so there wasn’t a lot of chance for others to actually hop on to your questions.

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The 1 minute delay on line #45 might be causing all sorts of problems.
Here’s a great post for the general recommended alternative.

It will look something like this:

unsigned long lastTime = 0;

void setup() {

void loop() {
unsigned long now = millis();
  if ((now - lastTime) >= 60000) {
    // Add your Code here, to be executed every 1 minute without blocking. 
  lastTime = now;
  } // End 1-minute
}   // End Loop