Power consumption of Core

I would like to know what is the power consumption of spark core and its built-in wifi module (interms of wattage)??

Basically i need to figure out what kind of power source (battery? - what type of battery?) that i need to use for my product and how long it can run without re-charging?..


That`s a not easy to answer question, since it largely depends on your code and WiFi use/connection.

But using the search feature of this forum will give you some topics that might help you get an idea.

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@vadivel, @BDub had done a great analysis of battery consumption for wake vs sleep time on a Core but I can’t seem to find the link :cry:

However, the gist of it is as follows:

Sleep mode         Power
DEEP_SLEEP         ~187uA
SLEEP (WiFi OFF)   ~30-40mA
WiFi ON            ~150mA


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