Power Consumption monitoring Spark+Arduino

Hell all,

Here is my first Spark.io project: An energy monitoring using both an Arduino and a Spark:

The Arduino is connected to my house power input, using CT sensors, and monitor the three phases and send them back to a server ( http://opensensorcloud.com/triggers/538a28292acae8177200001d ) .

Them, I use a Spark core as a kind of “remote display” for this:

It display the total instant power+ the three lines power.
Additionally is mesures also the temperature of the room, and send it back to the server too

The screen, a small cheap OLED display, shows the three lines values a bar graph on the right, a graphic showing the total evolution during the past half an hour and the local temp.

The RGB led of the core change also according to energy consumption: from green to red and provides an easy feedback on how much energy is currently used.

The Spark part + battery+ display is really small, so I am looking to an easy way to package this, if you have some ideas…


@tomsoft, what a great application of the Spark! Are you considering doing a custom PCB? For single projects, I usually build it on an Adafruit Perma-proto board and find a nice small enclosure for it. Adafruit has a bunch.

Thanks for the advice, the problem being more the small enclosure…

I am consedring using 3D printing for this as an experimentation let’s see

By the way, I forgot to credit you for the modification of the Adafruit library for the Oled display

@tomsoft, I appreciate the nod! There are many Elites and members who have been doing some 3D printing and they may have some input here. It would be great to hear how your “experiment” goes! :smile:

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Hi, is there a project page for this or is the code open by any chance? I am looking to create something like this for my home but don’t know where to start :slight_smile: