Possible to relay local wifi requests/response via USB serial comms?

I’m considering the following scenario as a method to use a photon to communicate with a wireless device on a wifi network that it is not connected to the internet. I’m hoping someone might be able to identify any major holes or obvious pitfalls before I dive in. Here it is:

  1. The photon is connected to wifi network that is not connected to the internet
  2. The photon is also connected to a linux machine via USB
  3. Using the HTTPClient library I intend to make GET requests to a device that’s on the same wifi network (initiated from a serial command) as the photon
  4. Then I’ll relay the response (<1k) from the GET request to the linux machine via USB serial

Don’t see any issues with this approach :slight_smile:

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Just a question: Why would your Linux machine not also be connected to the same WiFi?

Or is this to isolate the non-internet connected side from the internet connection of the machine?

@ScruffR Correct. The only way to interact with the remote device is via a wifi network that it creates.

I’ll take a stab at it and report back