Porting TV-B-Gone Library

EDIT: I have finished the port. It will be available on my GitHub soon.

const char ** is a weird thing to have been passing to pgm_read_word(). It would normally take a const char * or some other pointer to a memory. Your value of x is a pointer to a pointer to memory, which is a not how pgm_read_word works on Arduino.

Can you move the #define to the top of your file and post your whole code?

I’d expect these lines to cause the trouble

    PGM_P data_ptr;
    if (region == NA) {
      data_ptr = (PGM_P)pgm_read_word(NApowerCodes+i);
    else {
      data_ptr = (PGM_P)pgm_read_word(EUpowerCodes+i);
    PGM_P time_ptr = (PGM_P)pgm_read_word(data_ptr);
    code_ptr = (PGM_P)pgm_read_word(data_ptr);

Just for the sake of testing try this instead

#define pgm_read_word(x) (*(x))

Also this comment in the lib makes me think

 Subsequent reads from the powerCode are n bits (same as the packing size)
 that index into another table in ROM that actually stores the on/off times
 const PGM_P time_ptr = (PGM_P)pgm_read_word(code_ptr);

We are dealing with a packing size of 32bit, while Arduino uses 8 or 16bits.

So you might need to redo more than just the pgm_ macros in void sendAllCodes().