Portin arduino library for TLC59711 chip

Could someone please port this library for me? I’m not having any luck… compiles fine in Workbench, but i get hard faults on my photon :frowning:

@peekay123 seems to be the wizard :slight_smile: i’d happily pay :smiley:

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Figured it out from the guides… my issue, in case someone else finds this, was actually a code/wiring one.

I thought the arduino code was bit banging, not really using SPI, but in fact, it uses SPI. So I was getting a hard fault as I was setting the Clock and Data pin (as per the arduino code) to digital pins not used for SPI rather than the SPI class. Once I setup the code to use the SPI of the Particle Photon and used A3 and A5, it works fine!

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